Seattle Central College Transfer Agreement

Washington State Baccalaureate (four years) subscribe to the Intercollege Relations Commissions (ICRC) Guidelines for Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA). Seattle Colleges offer both Associate Arts degrees and DTA Science Associate degrees in accordance with ICRC guidelines. DTA Associate Degrees are recognised as meeting most, if not all, of the general educational requirements for these institutions. Students who complete a DTA are generally admitted junior standing. Students should check with their planned transfer institution for more details on general education, prerequisites and additional admission requirements. This list is as per change. Contact your advisor for up-to-date information and details about the transfer. – public and private schools – in and outside public institutions – four-year universities and colleges of all rankings The Mitchell Activity Center is an 85,000 square meter sports complex built in 1996. It includes racquetball and squash courts, gyms, a weight training facility and a games room and is accessible to full-time students for an annual fee of 92 $US and to teachers and employees for a fee of 60 $US. People who are not related to the university can acquire an annual membership for 540 $US. The university`s Seattle Culinary Academy offers a five-quarter certification program in Specialty Desserts and Breads and a six-quarter certification program in culinary arts. Both are accredited by the American Culinary Federation.

Seattle colleges have partnerships and transfer agreements with the four-year institutions listed below and are constantly developing new ones. You will find the most accurate list of all transfer contracts in the advice and transfer centres. The origins of Seattle Central date back to 1902 with the opening of Broadway High School. It was run as a traditional high school until the end of World War II, when it was turned into a vocational and adult education center for veterans who wanted to finish high school. As a result, in 1946, all high school students were transferred to Lincoln High School and Edison Technical School (which already shared a campus with Broadway High) was expanded to fill the entire school. [4] According to officials at both schools, the deal is beneficial for both sides, as it allows Wilberforce to expand the pool of potential students interested in a bachelor`s degree at the university, while giving Students in Central Seattle the opportunity to experience another part of the country and continue their academic experience in an HBC. . .

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