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This could include an additional rent of two months, with the exception of a requirement in the contract to give the lessor two months` notice. While contracts are usually concluded for one year, the lessor may, in special cases, conclude a longer agreement with a tenant. RERA regulates the entire dubai real estate sector and regulates the rules relating to rental contracts. Under the Ejari system, a new lease system has been developed and it is mandatory that all leases be registered in the system. Overtime allows you to make certain modifications to your home to meet your housing needs. However, it is best to check the conditions of handing over your lease at the end of your rental. This can include any partitions or artificial grass you can install, or any devices you can remove over the years. What happens in case of early dismissal? This is perhaps one of the most important clauses to review, especially for contracts designed for more than a year. According to Hegazy, early termination can only take place if the parties consent to it or for reasons covered by the rental right. In addition, you must submit a copy of your resignation letter to the RDC.

The RDC can accept your claim and terminate your rental agreement without penalty to the lessor. This is in line with article 249 of the Civil Transactions Act, which provides that „when exceptional circumstances of a public nature arise which were not foreseeable, making the contractual obligation for the debtor, even if not impossible, punishable in order to threaten him with a heavy loss, the judge is authorized, depending on the circumstances and after weighing up the interests of each party, to impose a repressive obligation on a not to reduce, if the justice so requires, and any agreement to the contrary is not concluded. The relationship between Dubai landlords and tenants is governed by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) in accordance with Act No. 26 of the Dubai Rental Act 2007 (and amendments to Law No. 33 (2008). The law outlines the roles and responsibilities of landlords and tenants to avoid potential litigation and misunderstandings. The Rent Disputes Settlement Centre (RDSC), which investigates through Decree No. 26 of 2013 and resolves all issues relating to rental disputes in Dubai, while Decree No. 43 of 2013 handles all rent increases. Negotiate with landlords for a fair rental facility if your income has temporarily decreased or terminate your lease if the loss of income due to the pandemic is permanent.

Present the landlord with a fair proposal, backed by documents that you are willing to share the annual revenue comparison to show the percentage decline in turnover, and look for proportional rent relief by landlords. In such an approach, you are not likely to lose 100% of your rental income for several months and you can agree on terms that are under your control and that cover your money needs When it comes to the short-term rental of the Dubai Marina property, Bay Central Tower, Unit 512, Dubai, UAE If a lease expires but the tenant continues to live in the property, the duration of the contract is automatically extended by a similar period or one year (whichever is lower) under the same conditions as the previous agreement, unless otherwise agreed by both parties. If tenants cannot pay their rental commitment due to COVID-19, they can terminate their rental agreements without having to pay a penalty or apply to the court for a fair exemption from the obligations arising from the rental agreement. Thank you for writing to us. In this case, since the problem is not related to the actual lease, we recommend that it be preferable to inquire directly with the authorities and ask their opinion on how to proceed. You can contact the Tawtheeq authorities at the following customer service number: 026788888. . . .

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