Ukusa Agreement 1946

The BRUSA agreement of 5 March 1946 (now UKUSA) confirmed the important cooperation between the United Kingdom and the United States during the Second World War. Over the next ten years, the agreement, some of which is included in this publication, has been developed and revised. These annexes and their annexes detail the working relationship between the two partners and also relate to agreements with the other contracting parties (Australia, Canada and New Zealand). These revelations, for example, helped to clarify the basis of the Alliance of Five Eyes, which still seems to be the general language of the original 1946 agreement, supplemented by annexes and a potentially dizzying series of memorandums of understanding and division of efforts (not to mention more informal agreements). Nevertheless, the government has not been able to locate, let alone produce, most of these additional records. This failure suggests persistent challenges in managing an information-sharing company, as suggested by the above revelations. Without seeing clearly these different recordings that make up the UKUSA agreement, we remain unaware of the general nature and extent of the exchange of information between the Five Eyes, particularly the way it is conducted today. Do we need a comprehensive policy to ensure that these agreements are consistent with our plans for the future? Should we, for example, define a modus vivendi for the replacement of Integrees? Should the type of work be limited by chartering? Should there be a common position of the NSA on the number and type of electronic interfaces between the NSA and GCHQ? Should the number be powered by the NSA design or GCHQ requirements? To support the history of the NSA agreement, the memorandum adds a 1945 memorandum from President Truman authorizing the then Minister of War and the Secretary of the Navy to „continue cooperation in the field of communication between the U.S. Army and the Navy and the British and to extend, modify or terminate that cooperation.

, or because it is determined to be in the best interests of the United States. This Presidential Memorandum is of particular interest because it provides evidence that the President directly authorized the various military branches to determine the course and future contours of the UKUSA agreement.

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