Abstinence Agreement Definition

The definition of abstinence is when you have no sex. Outercourse is other sexual activities in addition to vaginal sex. Sexual abstinence and the external appearance can mean different things to different people. Here are some reasons why someone might choose abstinence: an exception is the occasional overdose that occurs after a period of abstinence such as rehabilitation or prison. Abstinence is much higher in samples from Swaziland, SE Nigeria and Kenya than in Senegal, Burkina Faso and Namibia. In the SE Nigeria sample, abstinence is expressed in relation to conservative Christian sexual morality and as opposed to the use of condoms of particular intensity, with stigmatizing effects for those who do not abstain. Nigerian narratives often take the form of warning stories, in which the propensity to abstain is thwarted by negative peer influence, libidinal impression or character defects. On the other hand, Swazi`s stories are more framed and contain a mix of young characters who practice abstinence in defiance of the sexual norms of their peers („positive deviations”), peer assistance or social assistance, and warning stories. Some addictive behaviours, such as sexual insult or the use of inhalers, are so harmful that controlled behaviour is in no way possible or advised and total abstinence is required. With the growing recognition of behavioural addictions, abstinence-based approaches are increasingly seen as unenforceable. For example, everyone should eat so that abstinence is not possible – although some, who are particularly related to abstinence-based approaches, believe that certain foods should be completely avoided.

For example, 12-step programs require abstinence, while motivational interviews do not. Abstinence from alcohol means avoiding alcohol consumption altogether and contrasts with a controlled drink that could help an alcoholic become a moderate and trouble-free drinker. It also means that someone who can overcome a problem with too much drink must undergo an alcohol withdrawal that can range from unpleasant to fatal. On the other hand, a damage-reducing approach allows people to gradually reduce the number of drinks they consume daily without the need for withdrawal syndrome. Another common understanding of abstinence is that if you are young or not yet „ready,” you are not having sex.

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